Our manufacturing capabilities are not limited to just the jewelry business. We produce products for a plethora of other industries as well. For example, hair accessories, gems, silverware, cufflinks, ties, medical equipment, pens, coins, bridal-ware, cosmetics, chocolate boxes and many more.

Available Miscellaneous Displays

Elegant Design

The design team has the products in mind when creating the different size and shape displays.

Custom colors and designs

If something unique is needed our team is up for the challange.

All of our products Feature the Following

Custom Sizes and Colors

Using your specifications (color, size, fabric, logo, etc...) we can create your ideal display piece.

Quality Manufacturing

We use only the highest-quality, tarnish-free materials to ensure your displays are long-lasting, beautiful and durable.

Reliable Delivery and Service

Many of our items are available for immediate delivery. For all other items, we provide accurate lead-times and our friendly and knowledgable sales team is eager to help create your vision.