Watch Displays

For displaying or storing your watch at home, store, or show, we have what you are looking for. Our endless combination of styles and colors will allow for your timepiece to be presented artfully and elegantly. We carry trays, pads, cuffs, collars, and other displays to suit your every watch display need.

Available Watch Displays

Watch Cuff on Stand

Watch presented on a cuff resting on top of a stand. Stand height can vary to suit your need and watch can be presented horizontally or vertically.


Our standard size watch pillow is 2 x2 and can be made in a variety of fabrics.


C-Shaped metal displayed atop a base, horizontally or vertically, for a neatly designed display Collars are added to a stand.

Watch Cuff Tray

Tray made to fit Watch Cuffs. Custom made to fit your desired amount of watches. Available slanted or flat for presentation or storage purposes.

Elastic Display

Pads made with elastic to hold watches. Elastic can be black or white and made to fit your desired quantity of watches.

Bracelet/Watch Cylinder

Half-cylinder (8” x 5” x 2 ¾” H) wrapped in your choice of material to hold one to several watches/bracelets.

Bracelet-Watch Wedge

Individual bracelet/watch display (1 ½” x 8”). Custom sizes are available.

Single Bracelet Ramp

Stylish multi-use display for bracelets or watches. Display fits nicely (2” x 8 ½”) in showroom or home.

Bracelet Ramp for 6

Useful display holds 6 watches/bracelets in a classic design. Slender design (7 ½” x 8”) makes for a very chic display.

All of our products Feature the Following

Custom Sizes and Colors

Using your specifications (color, size, fabric, logo, etc...) we can create your ideal display piece.

Quality Manufacturing

We use only the highest-quality, tarnish-free materials to ensure your displays are long-lasting, beautiful and durable.

Reliable Delivery and Service

Many of our items are available for immediate delivery. For all other items, we provide accurate lead-times and our friendly and knowledgable sales team is eager to help create your vision.